Friday, December 23, 2011

My Favorite Things: Places that Comfort and Renew the Soul

When life becomes too rushed or stressful I like to go to a place where my heart feels at peace and my soul is refreshed. For me this is Pittman Center, TN and this cozy cabin alongside the Little Pigeon River. Nestled in a quiet cove in the Smoky Mountains, the views are inspiring and the setting is peaceful every day of the year. We have been blessed to spend our summer and fall vacations here with our family for almost 25 years now. We play in the river, hike in the mountains, stroll in the cove, feed the horses, watch for bears, and fire up the grill. We read books with our feet in the river letting the icy water chase away the heat of a summer day. We eat ice-cream and play board games on the porch, or just put up our feet and watch the river flow down from the mountains as it has been for millions of years. While our activities rarely alter our family continues to grow and change, and now our grandchildren are making memories on this river. For all of this we thank the Price family. We treasure your friendship and appreciate this magical place you share with us. I hope everyone has a place similar to this, a retreat for the soul, waiting patiently to welcome you whenever you are ready.  

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