Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Vintage Valentine and Pink Popcorn!

Hi and happy Groundhog's Day! Have you heard the breaking news from Gobbler's Knob this morning? Word has it that Punxsutawney Phil made his yearly appearance and saw his shadow, predicting six more weeks of winter, uugghhh. You may be cute, Phil, but you can be replaced by Perry the Platypus....

February also marks the beginning of  'birthday month' at our house. We have five family members turning a year older over the next 29 days (yep, it's a leap year!) All these celebrations will keep me be busy baking up plenty of cupcakes and goodies.

photo courtesy of Flickr,com

 My trusty crystal ball predicts I'll need to walk four miles a day instead of three this month, and add extra sets of crunches to my daily routine. I predict myself tucking my crytsal ball way back into the darkest corner of my dustiest closet.

Since the fireplace is often the focal point of the great room, a seasonal touch to your mantel decor adds a festive and welcoming feel to the entire space. This month mine is graced with a pip berry garland entwined with a strand of white lights (because a little sparkle makes everything better!) and my collection of vintage Valentine cards. I get such a happy, cozy little feeling each time I look at them that I wanted to share a little of that with you. If you'd like to add a little non-caloric sweetness to your holiday, I welcome you to print the images shared here and create your own display, cards, tags, or any crafty goodness your heart can imagine!

And now on to something more sinfully sweet....

What could be more simple or perfect than this old fashioned, irresistibly sweet
 popcorn, decked out in shabby pink for your Valentine's gift giving. Fill cello bags with this tempting treat, tie them off will some pretty ribbon and a tag, and you're ready for every classroom party or event on your holiday schedule. Just be prepared with the recipe when your friends ask, 'How'd you do that??!" I can't wait to pop up a big bowl for my family on Valentine's evening, then curl up in front of the t.v. for American Idol! A huge thanks to Jaclyn at for tracking down this wonderful recipe that so many of us remember from our childhood!

I hope you're enjoying your Groundhog's Day (it's all the reason I need to celebrate!) And thank you for coming by today and sharing this time with me! Hugs,

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