Monday, February 6, 2012

Keeping it organized and give-away news!

Hi! I hope you're having a wonderful Monday! Today I'm on a mission to control clutter, and I've been hard at work organizing a few things that have been driving me nuts around my house. Specifically, my gift wrap supplies. I was storing them in a large plastic tub in the guest room closet. It was unattractive and cumbersome. The tape and scizzors always seemed to disappear into the bottom never to be found again. I dreaded having to wrap a gift because it was so difficult to access my supplies.  

I was searcing the web for a better solution when I came across this clever idea for converting a wicker hamper into an and eye catching wrap station! 

I made a quick trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to pick up one of these hampers, and in moments had my rolls of paper in the basket, with my small supplies and ribbons tucked into handy pockets attached to the side. It's inexpensive and easy, but my favorite thing about this project is that it's lovely enough to leave on display in my craft room. No more pulling that heavy tub from the bottom of the closet! The instructions can be found at the homemadesimple website. There are even step-by-step instructions for creating the cute no-sew pocket to attach to the side.

I also have some exciting blog news to share (you can't see this, but I'm jumping up and down with happiness!) I've reached 100 subscribers!! To thank all of you and to celebrate this event I'll be hosting another give-away! I'll have specifics posted in a few short days, once I get some photos of the grand-prize ready to post on my blog.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope your day is filled with friendship and laughter! Hugs,       


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    1. Hi Luanne!
      It's so nice to hear from you. How is everything with you? I hope you're having a great weekend!