Saturday, January 14, 2012

Vintage buttons and giveaway update!

Hi and happy Saturday! I wanted to share this photo of a few buttons from my collection.....just because they're pretty and they make me smile. Each a tiny work of art, so unique and special. I love using old buttons in projects or just displaying them in my home in a pretty bowl. Another of my vintage addictions exposed here on my blog!
I had the nicest day yesterday. I got to talk with two of my dearest friends, Su (who is way across the ocean in France) and Robin (we've been friends since grade school!) It made my day so special! Hi Su and Robin!! 
I have a quick update for my 'Bag of Tags' giveaway ending tomorrow. I'll be drawing for the winner promptly at 10:00 am EST. I'll be conducting the drawing and announcing the winner over video. It will take me just a little bit of time to get the video uploaded to my blog, so if you're checking in for results I'll have the video up ASAP after the drawing. I want to sincerely thank everyone participating. I'm really looking forward to crafting these tags for you. And thanks for coming by today ~ I hope your day is fun and relaxing! It's back to the craft room for me. I've been sick with a respiratory infection and I'm behind in my work. I hate it when that happens, but the only solution is to keep plugging away:-)


  1. Will the video be on your blog? I can't wait to see who the winner is! Will you also e-mail the winner? I love your buttons. I'm a button collector too. LOL, I think we like many of the same things. I've had the respiratory thing too. I finally went to the drugstore to get some Claritin-D and it seems to be helping, but I had to sign in blood to get it!

    1. Hi Mary!
      Yes, I'll post the video here on my blog, and send an email as well. I adore old buttons~I guess great minds think alike-lol! I'm so glad your feeling better. I can't wait until the worst is over here. My husband had it too and he is finally better, so that means it's my turn next! I'm going to go start setting up my camera for the video this very moment. Talk to you soon! Hugs, Nancy

  2. Nancy, if you will send me your home address and full name to, I would love to send you a few of my extra buttons. I have duplicates. Some of mine are from the victorian era and very hard to find, but I have quite a few duplicates of 30s and 40s buttons if you would like to have them.
    Have a great day! Mary