Sunday, January 8, 2012

Simple Pleasures

Our 7 year old grandaughter spent the night with us on Saturday. The sweet girl that I love with my whole heart. Another treasured moment to tuck away and remember, because just like our children, she's growing up in the blink of an eye. When it was time for breakfast her face lit up as she asked me if I could please make 'that toast.' After thinking a moment I realized she was referring to my cinnamon toast. Something so simple makes her so happy. A few wholesome, natural ingredients. Something my mother made for me and I made for my children. 

While cinnamon toast may not be considered a balanced meal the memories we made while sharing it are priceless. My little angel helping mix the cinnamon and sugar together. Accidently opening the 'pour' end of the cinnamon instead of the 'sprinkle' and dumping in half the bottle. Her sweet self saying 'That was unexpected!" How she convinced me it is just as healthy to have lemonade for breakfast as orange juice. The smallest moments in life often become our fondest memories. I feel so blessed to have shared this time with my grandaughter. I wish you many special moments with the people you love!



  1. While I didn't feed it to him everyday, my son absolutely loved cinnamon toast. It was warm, buttery and "made" by his mom. I would always give the mix a taste test to make sure it didn't have too much cinnamon and put it in a salt shaker to have ready at all times.

  2. The salt shaker is a great idea Mary! I've always meant to pick up one of those metal shakers with the handle for things like powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar but I always forget about it when I'm in the store.

  3. Hi Nancy, it sounds as if you both had a lovely time together. I don't know about cinnamon toast? Can you please let me know how do you make it? It sounds delicious!!!!
    Thanks for sharing this lovely memory.
    Warmest best wishes,

    1. Hi Su!
      I had so much fun talking with you on the phone! To make cinnamon toast just put some sugar in a bowl and mix with a little cinnamom. Sprinkle the mixture over hot buttered toast. I put on quite and lightly shake off the excess. It's so simple and fun! Love, Nancy