Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thank you and Happy Saturday!!

Hi and happy Saturday! I've been crafting away today and having the best time!! It seems to be a universal truth that when my craft room is the messiest I'm having the most fun:-) I also received some much needed assistance in uploading my videos to Youtube. Thanks to the wonderful Natasha (Enastasia) and Roxy (Roxyfur) my videos can now be uploaded at their full length and in HD at the same time--it's a miracle!! If you have a chance you can check out my one and only Youtube video (now in HD!) by clicking the link on the right sidebar of my blog. Here's a photo of some new tags I listed on Etsy today and there are dozens of new styles yet to come. I want to say a warm hello to my wonderful followers both old and new and sincerely thank you all for entering my 'Bag of Tags' give-away. I hope everyone is having a happy and wonderful day!! Now on to my craft room to clean up that mess.....

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  1. Having a giveaway too, would love to offer the invitation to get in the Your blog header, is just so beautiful, I could jump in and pick some flowers too!