Saturday, October 11, 2014

Blooming Rose Tutorial

Hello and welcome! I'm honored to be presenting the Saturday Step by Step at the Frilly and Funkie Blog on this lovely day. I've shared a couple of flower tutorials in the past and I hope you won't mind if I share just one more. This blooming rose is a flower I use often in my projects and I've had a few special requests for a tutorial on my blog. I started making flowers in 1980 and this technique is a bit of a throwback to the way we created flowers way back then.  

The supplies from the 80's are no longer on the market so I've adjusted my technique over the years, all for the better! Back then paper crafting wasn't the industry that it is today. Options were limited as there were none of the wonderful papers or dies that we use today. We made flowers with pre-made silk rose petals and with one item I really miss; shaped cotton buds on wire stems. I've looked for them everywhere to no avail, hence my own technique to replicate the same style. For this flower I like to use Tim's Tattered Florals die, a star punch, floral wire, and a small wooden craft bead that can be found at any craft store.  

Begin by cutting 5 flower petals and punching one star. I've used my favorite Maja papers; Vintage Summer Basics and Vintage Autumn Basics. Pierce a hole in the center of each petal and the star.  

Take one petal and cut it into six separate pieces.

Lightly moisten each piece by spraying with a water mister then begin shaping each petal. I use shaping tools that have different sized balls on the ends. I used the two smallest tools for these tiny petals. I begin by rubbing the petal with the larger ball tool, gently breaking down the fibers in the paper and adding texture. Next I create a cavity in the side of the paper that I want to use for the inside of the flower by gently pressing into the center with the smaller tool.    

The second petal remains whole, but is shaped in exactly the same method.  

For petals 3 through 5 use a similar process, starting with the side that will be the back of the flower. Continue to moisten, gently rub, and shape each petal. 

Once you've completed the shaping on the back side of the paper, turn it over and press firmly down in the center of what will become the front side of the flower.

Proceed in exactly the same manner with the star punch. 

Below are all the shaped petals you'll need to assemble your flower.

Thread the floral wire through the little wooden craft bead. This will become the center of your flower and provide the base for a perfectly shaped bud. The floral wire stem makes it easy to add the petals and form your flower.   

Begin with the tiny separate petals and use glue to adhere them to the base of the wooden bead one by one. Squeeze the tops of the first four petals and adhere them so they completely cover the top of the bead. The next two petals can be applied a bit more loosely, adhering at just the base and a little way up the side. The photo below is what it will look like when you're finished with the layer of separate petals.        

Next adhere the second petal to the base of your bud. Apply a little adhesive to the sides and loosely form them around your first layer of petals to give the flower the appearance of a gently opening rose.   

Now for the easiest step. Adhere petals 3 through 5 to the base of your bud in an open position, remembering to stagger each layer as you go. 

The last step is to adhere the star punch to the base of your rose to give it a finished look.

I adore creating secret gardens. The photo below is an example of how I've used some of these roses in a past project. Having the wire stem gives you the option of attaching the roses to design your own floral sprays. If you don't wish to use the wire you can easily snip it off with your craft scissors.     

Thanks so much for visiting. I wish you a day filled with blessings and joy! I hope you'll have fun creating a garden full of blooming roses in your own craft room! 



  1. Nancy, I just left you a comment over and F&F, a brilliant tutorial, thank you!!

  2. Brilliant tutorial! I will definitely be trying this! I resorted to bought flowers for my son's wedding card-your rose would have been so much better - if I start practicing now I may be ready for the next wedding card I need!

  3. Using the bead is genius! Stunning flowers!

  4. Nancy, your blooms are so Gorgeous!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful tutorial! Love the idea to use a bead--so clever! TFS! ♥

  5. Beautiful flowers - so vintage and shabby, yet so real.

  6. Fabulous tutorial......and gorgeous flowers. Thank you for an easy to follow step-by-step.
    Hugs from Monica... Spain

  7. Tnancy you wrote that you have shared severial flower tutorials. Are they avaible on your blog ? I cant ffind them.....
    Please can you help ?
    Hugs from Monica.... Spaiin